Dalisa Foodtruck

Activation / Design

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The passion that Dalisa’s team has for gastronomy and the flavours of the world motivates it to innovate and keep up with food trends.

By leveraging the strength of its team and its ambition to innovate, Dalisa hopes to be a leading company in its field.

Wanting to promote its brand differently, Dalisa turned to Bob Henry to help it stand out and create a unique in-store tasting experience. These tastings transform the small indoor stand into an epicurean street-food-type experience. Consumers are greeted at supermarket entrances by the new Dalisa, The Gourmet Workshop food truck.

Foodtruck Dalisa Branding


Inspired by the 60s Westfalia and designed by Bob Henry, Dalisa’s unique and flashy food truck was built in Portugal. Since the spring of 2018, the field team, managed by Bob Henry, has been travelling all over Quebec aboard this new mobile kitchen to share hot-off-the-grill Dalisa products. Its unique look catches attention. Some consumers even take the time to get pictures of themselves beside this vintage-style truck. By handing out samples of Dalisa products, the truck, along with the field team, increases the brand’s popularity.