Fondation Bonheur

Design / Strategy

Fondation Bonheur Branding

The Fondation Bonheur (Happiness Foundation) is a charity dedicated to improving the quality of life of people with disabilities. One of the main works driven by the foundation is a resting and vacation home for disabled people and their families in Montérégie.


The Bob Henry Agency was hired to act for the foundation on different levels and support it in its development strategy.


Firstly, The Bob Henry Agency redesigned the image of Fondation Bonheur. We handpicked a series of keywords and we created a much more personalized logo, closer to the message of our client, a logo that would distinctively represent the foundation.

The little house with a heart emphasizes the humanity of the foundation.

The colors are those of the earth, of play, and the orange gradient represents heat and the life cycle going by within the home.

The fonts are solid and clear to represent the management of the foundation, but also human and simple to embody the word “Bonheur”. With this logo, our goal was to convey the essence of the Fondation Bonheur through its image.

The agency also developed a communications strategy aiming to demystify the lives of disabled people for the general public, including their ambitions and their daily reality. As part of this strategy, the agency created a series of 15 videos on different themes of life like love, work and friendship, allowing 25 handicapped people to talk about these themes and to break false perceptions.