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Uncle Sam
The Great Strategist

In many companies, we notice that over the days, weeks and months, you end up working in your company, but forget to work on your company. This is a fundamental distinction. When you work in your company, you focus on the everyday and the here-and-now. It’s easy to forget where you want to go, and only after several months do you realize that the company is at a stand-still or is no longer focused on its objectives. However, working on your company is a way to pull yourself up and establish a clear plan to reach and surpass your goals.

Napoleon will accompany you throughout the entire strategic planning process. A series of diagnostic interviews and group sessions allow us to establish a clear picture of the issues your company is facing, whether internal or external. We will equip your company with a structured strategic plan and an implementation and support plan.

It’s important to remember that regardless of the quality of the strategic plan, success will depend on the way it is implemented.

Uncle Sam
The Recruiter
Marketing and

Do you have trouble finding qualified workers? Many companies actually have to slow down their activities for lack of competent, engaged human resources. This labour shortage affects several industries, which makes recruitment that much more difficult, since multiple companies are targeting the same candidates. What can you do to stand out from other employers? How can you attract your next employee?

Uncle Sam offers a human resources marketing strategy. This strategy helps you get to know the market, the competitors and, most importantly, your company. Diagnostic interviews will help you implement a strong employer brand strategy, in line with your values and your mission. To attract new qualified candidates, we have to make sure that your employer brand—what defines you as a company—is on candidates’ radar and valued by them. Our solution to attract and acquire new candidates includes recruitment tools that are adapted to your target audience. A suitable onboarding plan is also important to guarantee the effective integration of your new employees. You’re sure to see excellent results and a positive engagement rate in your company over the long term.

Creator's Avenue
Marketing &

How can you stand out and make a place for yourself despite the advertising cacophony we’re exposed to every day? Such is the question that many companies ask themselves. It’s not an easy one to answer. Whether through social media, traditional media or on-the-ground activations, you have to plan an effective marketing strategy in order to build a clear, coherent message over time.

Madison helps you build a comprehensive plan for all your company’s marketing tools, thus ensuring your brand’s promotion. In this way, you’ll send out a calculated message and image that will increase your popularity and put you on the path to achieving your goals. Performance indicators make it possible to evaluate the success of marketing initiatives and thus recognize the efforts that have been put in place.

The Creator

Brand image is a distinctive sign that allows consumers to distinguish one company’s product or service from another’s. The power and value of a brand are often neglected so that nothing fits together. Your branding is inconsistent with your company’s mission, or over time and different versions, it has lost all its charm. A brand’s image directly influences consumers’ perception and actions.

Mark gets his creative and design team involved by evaluating the company’s mission and values, its qualities, the current brand perception and the competition. He will thus have the inspiration to create an effective, consistent brand image for all communications tools. A brand image that will gain value over time…brand capital!

The Programmer
Creation and

A website is the most important window onto your company, since it can be seen by thousands of prospective customers. Consumers go online to get answers to their questions. If you answer all their questions adequately, consumers will do business with you. Beyond your online presence, your website has to be simple, efficient and attractive to navigate.

When building your website, Bug starts with an analysis of your goals and the competition. We then develop an acquisition strategy for the best possible website. Next, we present and develop a first mock-up to get the desired interface. Once that’s done, it’s time to program your new online showcase. However, the work rarely stops there. For a site to remain relevant, you have to feed it and update it constantly. Bug recommends ongoing support to keep the site relevant and evolving.

The Journalist

Want to announce a project, service or new product? Relations with the media and the general public often evoke a blend of excitement and anxiety. Public relations, media relations and relations with influencers are an excellent way to draw the public’s attention to your company. It’s a matter of saying the right thing, in the right place, to the right people.

Plume makes sure that the message delivered is the one people retain. He fights to get media time and space despite fierce competition. He is forceful, enterprising and intelligent. Strategically, he identifies the target and persona that matter for you. He will find the story that you want to tell and develop a key message plan to support this story.

If your communications are high-quality and relevant, you’re guaranteed results.

The Blogger

Social media is an essential marketing element since it’s part of consumers’ everyday reality. Managing your company’s social media takes more work than you’d think. It requires heavy investment. It’s an activity that takes time, creativity and organization. As an entrepreneur, you already wear enough hats without adding the role of social media manager to the list.

Germaine is there to position you effectively on social media. By analyzing the environment, the competition and your company’s values and mission we develop a strategic editorial mission. The writing, design, publishing and management of posts are conducted in a transparent way to keep you informed of the marketing activities on behalf of your company. It’s an all-in-one solution for an impactful presence on social media, whether your company is already active online or not.

The Event Creator
Brand Activation
and Event

Do you want to speak directly to consumers? Special events and on-the-ground activations are a way to connect with people. You alone can’t be in all places at once, but it’s important for your company to make use of the almost boundless visibility offered by events and activations. What do you want to impart to your customers?

Woodstock offers an unforgettable experience for your current and future customers. Consumers need to remember your brand and how it made them feel.

To achieve this, we have to identify the company’s goals and means. Woodstock establishes a strategy to target or create events or activations that will give customers a one-of-a-kind, personalized experience. Your brand then becomes human and accessible.

The Detective
Survey and

Some decisions require an analysis and deep understanding of the issues in order to assess their repercussions. Any major investment, whether in a potential market or for the launch of a new product, must be backed by careful analysis. Without a prior market analysis, it’s like shooting in the dark and hoping you hit your target.

Sherlock gives you a comprehensive snapshot of the situation so that you can make enlightened, considered decisions. By analyzing primary and secondary data, we’re able to make relevant recommendations. In most cases, the analysis focuses both on the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the issue.

The Devout
Social Marketing
and Donation

Requests for sponsorship and donations are never-ending. Sometimes it’s hard to say no. However, by never saying no, it’s easy to spend significant amounts without being able to measure the benefits. Even if these causes are legitimate, your social engagement should be managed strategically, like any other expense within your company.

Teresa outlines a social mission. A mission that helps guide your philanthropic actions so that they reflects your company’s values. Thoughtful action has a major impact on your brand image and your popularity. However, if all you do is sign a cheque to have your logo in a souvenir programme, you’re not getting the most out of your commitment. This is why Teresa manages applications and activations to generate exciting benefits for your company.

The Magic Maker
Service Protocol

Consumption patterns have changed. Potential customers do their preliminary shopping online. When they arrive in store, they usually know what they want and already have information on the product they’re looking for. That’s why it’s important for a company to stand out through a friendly, personal and structured welcome.

In the age of multi-channel advertising and a dramatic spike in online shopping, when reviews, good or bad, spread like wildfire on social media, it’s even more important to stand out and provide a unique customer experience to influence your future consumers and garner positive reviews for your brand. It costs hundreds of dollars in advertising to acquire a new customer, while five seconds of bad service are enough to lose that customer.

Walt analyzes your company and your customer base and establishes customer service and customer experience protocols in line with your company’s culture and image, so that you can offer a unique experience that will help you stand out from the competition.

Walt creates a protocol designed to harmonize the effect of your company’s products, services, solutions and brand messages on customers. Your staff will adopt this support protocol, which will be integrated to your company culture and touch on every aspect of the in-store experience.

The Academic

Students have several options when it comes to choosing a school. How can you make your school stand out in the eyes of young students and their parents? How can you highlight your school’s strengths and distinctions compared to other institutions? How can you promote your programs?

Charlemagne first identifies the personas that are likely to be attracted to the experience you offer. Through digital targeting, you’ll see a significant reduction in your marketing costs. The school’s values, mission and programs will be front and centre. We seek to promote and elevate your school’s image through a strategic, attractive, targeted marketing campaign designed to attract the most qualified candidates.

The Great Designer
Design and
Customer Experience

In an ever-evolving products and services market, you have to work hard to keep your company from falling behind. In a world where perception is very important, branding and physical space must be consistent in order to reach consumers.

Ralph creates unique experiences and environments that amplify the relationship between the brand and your consumers. From transforming a brand to redesigning physical spaces, the experience has to lead to a symbiotic connection between the consumer and the brand.