Fonds Belmira Jaime


Fonds Belmira Jaime is a charitable organization dedicated to child well-being and health. For the benefit of children, it raises funds for the Breakfast Club of Canada as well as other organizations for kids.


Create a strong and distinctive identity for the Pascoal family’s new foundation using inspiration from the magical world of children. This complete identity platform had to include a concept, a logo and all communication aspects for the various Fonds Belmira Jaime events.


The agency designed the Fonds Belmira Jaime brand. We identified a series of keywords that we used to design a custom logo reflecting our client’s message, allowing it to stand out. The small child playing with stars evokes wonder, joy and the imaginary world of children. The colours are earthy and playful, conveying warmth and the life cycle as it unfolds in the home. The solid and clear typefaces represent the management of Fonds Belmira Jaime, yet are casual and simple so as to embody youth. Our goal was to convey the essence of the organization’s mission through its logo.