Occasions Dery

Design / Strategy

Occasions Dery Branding


As well-known dealers on the South Shore of Montréal, the Déry family called on Bob Henry to update their visual identity. Their branding, used to promote second-hand cars, no longer reflected the aspirations and vision of the company, which defines itself today as a retailer of high-quality, nearly-new second-hand cars at competitive prices.

Occasions Dery Branding


With its new identity, the Déry Toyota and Occasions Déry group can now better highlight the joint marketing of its two brands and is better positioned for online campaigns. The new branding was also designed to confer distinction and prestige when displayed on vehicles.

Occasions Dery Branding

Interior Design

The agency was hired to update the interior design of the Occasions Déry showroom in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. We wanted to create a more modern, sleek and welcoming atmosphere. From the break room and meeting room to the showroom, everything was coordinated to highlight the quality of the second-hand vehicles. The challenge was to create an atmosphere similar to that of a luxury car dealership, but for a used car showroom.