Cité Hélios

Strategy / Digital

Cité Hélios Branding

The Cité Hélios residence project is a first in terms of energy innovation in Quebec, led by a group of avant- garde real estate developers and designed by architecture firm STA. The goal of the project is to offer connected homes with net zero energy. Cité Hélios promotes a responsible way of life and a redefinition of community life for future buyers, eager for innovation and collective living.


For this one-of-a-kind project, the challenge for the Bob Henry Agency was to profile the future buyers for our client and to design a business strategy based on the right arguments.


The project’s rhetoric is very rich with technological, ecological and social promises, with a multitude of positive arguments. Our agency has helped to better isolate meaningful and potentially effective elements and pick the language for the marketing campaign and the various communication tools.

In a project so promising and ambitious, we had to be subtle and move away from universality and to avoid aiming towards too many different targets, but rather bring a realistic marketing direction to this project.

The Bob Henry Agency was in charge of the market research, the marketing strategy and the definition of the targets.

The agency also drew the graphic signature and the logo of the project, focused on the sun, which is the core of the message.