Complexe Funéraire

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Complexe Funéraire Branding

The Complexe Funéraire Haut-Richelieu began operations in September 2017 in Saint-Jean-sur- Richelieu. This was the third funeral complex operated by Mathieu Baker, after those of Cowansville and Bedford, in operation since 1927.

Although the Cowansville and Bedford complexes dominate their local market, the situation in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu was at first quite different. Indeed, as a newcomer, the new complex faced long established competition.


The Agency was trusted to deploy a strategy that would allow the Complexe Funéraire Haut-Richelieu to position itself in a unique way in the region and to represent a real alternative.

Complexe Funéraire Branding


To respond to this issue, we chose to rely on the notoriety of the other two complexes to group the three establishments under a single organization. This strategy emphasized our client’s solid experience and long history, which inspires confidence. As such, we included the signature: “Operated by the Baker-Dion family since 1927.”

This new signature has been applied to all the promotional material of the complexes, their websites and their social media, along with the creation of a common portal.