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Digital / Strategy


The Handicape-moi pas campaign was born from the desire to give a voice to people living with a disability, and to drastically change perspectives. Too often, we think we know what they need; we marginalize them or take pity on them. We believe that because of their condition, they have lost all desires or dreams when in fact, they want to be treated as equals. Because that is what they are: humans in their own right. The mission of the Agence was to meet several of them and share their stories through a micro-site and Facebook.


Our film crew met many people from different backgrounds and ages, each of them talking about their life, their challenges, how they felt perceived by others, their intimacy and their dreams. We filmed them close up to focus on their message and their personality, not their disability. We are instantly seized with emotions when we hear them tell us about how we approach them, so clumsily, despite our good intentions. How some of these contacts do them more harm than good. Our beliefs are turned upside down. The Agence chose to share these videos one at a time on the handicapemoipas.ca micro-site, which was promoted over a 15-week period on Facebook.