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Dalisa products have been well known to Quebecers for over 25 years. A company that stands for quality and freshness, Dalisa was ready for a makeover, so it turned to the Agence Bob Henry. Not only did we have to create a new logo and a new image, but also virtual meeting places for an epicurean community eager to share; a community that likes transforming an everyday meal into something extraordinary. Through our posts and our “stories,” we wanted to put a face to the company that is well anchored in the present and aware of the concerns of today’s families.


In order to be dynamic on social media and interact with fans, we created over fifty recipes with a renowned chef. Between writing the recipes, choosing the decor, coordinating the teams and final editing, our days were stimulating, but very busy! We also wrote more than 100 sausage recipes and 50 coq au porc or beef tournedos recipes. We really wanted something for everyone, from those with sophisticated tastes to the least experienced (with Dalisa junior). In a short time, the community gained 20,000 new fans. Through our unique approach to promoting our online flyers and our seasonal contests, we were often able to reach 300,000 people!