Dalisa In-store tastings



The Agence is proud to have helped Dalisa create a special relationship with its clientele on the web and social media by stimulating exchanges and sharing in the preparation of meals and BBQs. This new relationship allowed 29,000 fans to rediscover the excellence of Dalisa products and the pleasure of preparing them. The next phase of our mandate was to meet with these consumers and create a tangible and personalized bond wherever they may be.


Whether with the retro food truck or tasting stands at the supermarket, Dalisa’s new colours and stylized designs make it vividly eye-catching… not to mention the inviting smell that attracts charcuterie enthusiasts when tastings are being prepared! Agence Bob Henry facilitated this contact across the province. Once the design and production of promotional materials were completed, we recruited and trained connoisseur agents with contagious warmth to share these delicious samples. In order to continue the taste experience at home, the Agence produced recipe cards for all sample items. We also designed a tasting report to be completed after each event for continuous improvement.