Dalisa new brand image



The Agence Bob Henry needed to create a visual identity that would harmonize and reflect the values of Dalisa, while having a distinctive chic side that would inspire consumers to cook their sausages on all occasions: from the traditional BBQ to an everyday meal, reinvented. All of this as part of a global marketing and product launch strategy.


The old company logo showed a proud chef offering his products to consumers on a tray. We wanted to keep the idea while showing it in a new way, first modifying the font of the logo, then the background colour, and also by adding the signature L’atelier Gourmand, which underlines our desire to create more than a simple food product brand. The goal was to make it a point of reference in Quebec homes with original recipes and videos shot for the website and social media.

Each product, each label underlines the simple pleasure of cooking with good taste. The deployment of our truck fleet, tasting stands and our online presence confirms this desire to make the preparation of homemade meals accessible by reinventing some classics with the Dalisa signature.

This image redesign gave rise to overall changes in terms of stationery, clothing, kitchen accessories, etc.